Alien Hunters' Organization is a worldwide Internet discussion club, which deals with a wide-ranging subject of unidentified flying objects, extra-terrestrial life, all sorts of riddles related to our civilization, scientific problems, and research. We invite you to join our ranks.

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This is the homepage of Alien Hunters' Organization, a worldwide Internet discussion club as well as a large group of SETI@home users, who are dedicated and devoted in spending C. P. U. cycles for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S. E. T. I.) is a scientific effort, seeking to determine if there is intelligent life outside Earth. S. E. T. I. researchers use many methods. One popular method, radio S. E.T .I., listens for artificial radio signals coming from other stars. SETI@home is a radio S. E. T. I. project that lets anyone with a computer and an Internet connection participate. SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.
This is done via B. O. I. N. C. The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (B. O. I. N. C.) is an open source middleware system for volunteer- and grid computing. Originally it was developed to be the SETI@home project re-done, re-thought into a generic framework that could have many uses, before it became useful as a platform for other distributed applications in areas as diverse as mathematics, medicine, molecular biology, climatology, and astrophysics. The intent of B. O. I. N. C. is to make it possible for researchers to tap into the enormous processing power of personal computers around the world.

Thank you for coming! We hope that you enjoy.
The website is updated regularly, so check back often. Have a good day!